Wednesday, October 25, 2006

e-Currency Exchange Exposed and How Can You Profit from It

by Eric de Bosque

If you were to ask someone, "What is currency exchange or ecurrency exchanging?", most likely they would stare a blank look right back. Perhaps an educated guess would suggest that currency exchange has something to do with the foreign currency trading, or what is known as the forex market. But unlike trading the forex market online with foreign currency pairs, there is less risk involved and well, it is a different beast all together.

So what is it, exactly? Let's begin with what it's not. Making any money online involves risk, be it investing in the market, HYIP or an online business where you also invest your time and hard earned money on a website to promote your product or as an affiliate. Currency exchange is not MLM, doesn't require you to have a downline, a website, customers, no products to order, no special skills or prior experience, and no high investment to begin.

Currency Exchange (also known as e-currency exchange, e-currency exchanging, e-currency trading, etc.) is a global online economic system where digital currencies (e currency) are used for payment of goods and services on the internet which are backed by gold, silver or some other physical currency. is just one of many systems online that provides a platform for the exchange of different e-currencies to another and back to cash. They require investors like yourself to invest in e currencies putting cash into your system portfolio and console and provide a liquid market. Your portfolio receives daily gains of anywhere from 0.2 to 5%. Therefore on a $1,000 investment a user can expect to profit very close to $5 per day. Over the course of a year it's not uncommon to turn an initial investment of $1,000 into a $50,000 portfolio and profits of $200 a day.

There has recently been some confusion as to what has been going on with DXInOne, also known as DXSynergy, with some changes to the system, the slowdown of outxchanges and what exactly the role the investor plays as an "e-currency exchanger". But DXInOne clears things up. They affirm that their goal is not to be known as just an e-currency exchanging company that just trades one currency for another (there are others out there that just do this), but as an online global economic system in which one can spend their DXG (Gold) within the system. There is a bigger picture we need to look at with a bigger opportunity. They say that the DXSystem was never only about currency exchanging or money trading but about providing a fair environment where two parties could operate securely and where an income could be gained by anyone anywhere in the world who could work within the economy of the new global community. So would you be a "e-currency exchanger" per se? In a sense, yes. But it's really only part of how you make money. The portfolio and console are not the only sources of focus of the DXInOne system. What DXInOne is really all about is that, as an online community, it provides a safe environment for a sender to make payment to a receiver anywhere in the world that can be recognized as a legitimate transfer of value. And you can be a part of that.

Many services in which DXInOne are currently being released will provide a tremendous source of income flow such as the Google-like pay-per-click ads know as AdsXposed. And auctions similar to Ebay, but with a much more global client range, payment options, and most of all, security features. They will also be offering classified ads, discount booking and traveling services such as DXTravelAgent and DXConcierge to name a few. The list goes on.

There are a number of courses available online that can help anyone get started and become successful in the currency exchange market, and become familiar with the DXInOne community to add more profit to their portfolio arsenal. These courses offer essential resources and techniques that will help even the novice user make the most of their investment. Articles, reviews, and blogs more detailed in this field can be read if you did some homework online with a little research.

One course that offers a thorough comprehension of the system with online video training is Gary Jezorski's Currency Exchange Profits. It is one the most effective training available online and he offers one on one phone support, email support, and free upgrades and updates to his video series. His program will allow you to start your e-currency trading business by simply following the on-screen video tutorials and copying each step he teaches. And there are no wasting hours reading e-books. Gary's program also has an excellent affiliate program for those wanting to increase their earnings by promoting his product. Go to for more information. You can receive a free report by subscribing and getting access to Gary's site.

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