Saturday, July 15, 2006

Recover ALL Your Money back from Scam / Fraudulent Autosurf Companies

by Martin Pavion

Here are just a few of the autosurfs that have vanished in the last 8 months which, if you have made payments to them, you can possibly recover it ALL back even if you thought the money was lost forever:

911 Hits,, AWD Network, Butterfly Surf, Cash Twist Traffic, EprofitSurf, ExekoSurf, EZ Surf 2 Cash, Fair Dinkum Surf, Gotta Lotta Hits, Grandhits,, PaidResponse, Paid Surfing, ProfitSera, Super Surf, Surf City Autosurf, Surfing Revolution, Top Gun Traffic, VivaSurf

If you have bought credit using PayPal and funded this with your credit card then you can breath a huge sigh of relief. It is probably that you can get all your money back.

There is a huge amount of confusion regarding how best to get a full refund from your credit card companies if an autosurf closes prematurely. The credit card representatives you might speak with very rarely know enough about Paypal, autosurfing or chargebacks to help you. Many people are discouraged when they speak with their credit card company and are told one of three excuses:

- The credit card had no direct contract with the autosurf but with PayPal. Paypal have done nothing wrong and therefore there is nothing that can be done. - The credit card company cannot protect people who've joined autosurf companies as they the autosurf has protected themself with their disclaimers in their terms and conditions. - The 45 day protection cover from Paypal, or the 60 day protection from the credit card is past.

This is where most people give up. If I'd have been discouraged then I'd have most likely flushed about $90,000 down the toilet. Instead I spend time learning all I could about how chargebacks REALLY work, and how to use this power against deceased autosurf providers.


- PayPal is legally obligated to take responsibility for it's merchants if the buyer has used a Visa or MasterCard, although Amex cards are NOT included.

- Closed autosurfs make one huge mistake in their terms and conditions which gives consumers a legitimate reason for why we deserve a full refund. No matter how much money the autosurf has paid you previously, using this information will allow you to receive all your money back, even if you have received 'dividend' payments in the past.

- With the right information, you can request a chargeback many months after an autosurf has closed. I have successfully received a full chargeback from companies 9 months after I paid them, and 6 months after they closed.

- With a few phrases in your vocabulary you can get even the most reluctant credit card representative to submit your chargeback request.


Your first plan of action is to try to resolve the dispute via PayPal. If you paid money to the autosurf company within the last 45 days then you can use PayPal's "Buyer dispute" service. Seeing as nearly every autosurf and HYIP has been banned from PayPal since April I don't think you'll be able to do this.

You then need to gather up evidence to give to the credit card provider. It really helps if you have taken screenshots of the autosurfs homepage, their terms and conditions, screenshots of their signup procedure and also a snapshot of your account balance just before the site went down.

Don't worry if the autosurf has closed and their site has vanished, there are a few ways of getting this information back. I won't reveal it in this article as although it's perfectly legal I don't want to make these methods known to autosurf owners.

You then need to write a detailed letter to your credit card provider. There are some things you MUST explain clearly, and things that you should NEVER mention to begin with. You will not have any luck if you word a letter with a request such as "please credit me back my money because this company was meant to pay me every month but they didn't". Instead you need to write a convincing reason as to why you should be refunded. This is extremely simple to do when you realize that autosurf owners have not learnt enough about their legal standing when they began their sites.

Depending on your credit card company's policy you might be immediately credited with your money back, or the interest on that money might be frozen. For disputes less than $1,000 you are likely to find matters resolved fast but this really does depend on which credit card you are working with. NEVER count any refunds at this stage as guaranteed, the credit card company may charge you again if they discover evidence against you within the next 60 days.

Your credit company will work with PayPal to reach resolution. You will notice that you have 'unresolved disputes' for those purchases when you next log in to your PayPal account. The autosurf has 30 days to argue why you should not receive your chargeback. Most often your accusation will be worded so well that the autosurf owner cannot possibly find any reason and the matter will be settled.

Some autosurf owners can get a little nasty here. I have experienced owners who lie, falsify documents and do all they can to avoid the chargeback. Others are reasonable and provide the most common three reasons for refusing the chargeback.

1) The person joined the autosurf agreeing to the terms and conditions 2) The person was happy with the autosurf as they'd made multiple payments 3) The autosurf has already paid out money to you via e-gold or likewise.

If you have worded your first letter appropriately then you are well-armed to refute anything the autosurf owner might throw at you. If the autosurf owner is playing dirty there are many ways to be equally or more dirty back.

Every autosurf and situation is different. I'll happily provide you with sample letters and all the information you need if you contact me and become part of my autosurf hyip network.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information. Email me: autosurfnews(at) My current investment portfolio comprises of ... 12by12Daily DadnDaves FX-Experts MoneyMovesAsia My websites can be visited at


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