Thursday, July 27, 2006

Solid Investment Scamed Their Investors

by Domenik Andre Andre

Many people who have their own home business want to make money online with affiliate program but some others invest in HYIPs.

Solid Investment, a well known player in the HYIP scene stole millions of dollars from their investors in July. "It was very predictable, that Solid Investment would scam away in July, leaving many investors behind angry!" said Domenik Andre of Reasons why the date could actually be foreseen was obvious. It was clear that Solid Investment was a properly planned scam from day one. They offered ridiculous returns on your investment of up to three percent each business day.

In early March Solid Investment came up with a new plan that offered even higher returns. Instead of paying out daily their three percent, they changed it to a sixty day plan. So nobody could take out any money until those sixty days were up. The promised returns of up to six percent per working-day should have been paid out in the beginning of June but likely for scammers they find a way to give themselves some extra time. Early in June they stated that due to the high amount of payouts, all payouts have to be done at the beginning of the new month. When July third arrived they sent out confirmations of payouts but of course they were already gone with the money.

When Solid Investment changed their investment plan, this should have been the biggest red flag but many investors fell into the trap. Its wise to remember for the future that every time a HYIP changes its plan, then this might be an indication that it will close its doors in the near future.

Even more cruel is that the same scammers are running multiply ponzis and that very successfully. Estimates assume that only with Solid Investment they stole an eight figure sum of the investors but accurate numbers will never be found out. The similarities to other past scams like Jungle Ventures, Vasco Investment, Tinger Invest or ASC Fin are just a few to mention, all very likely run by the same professionally organized scammers.

To protect your investment from fraud in the future, it might be wise to stay away from HYIPs. Good alternatives with the potential of making nice returns would be managed accounts. You can have managed accounts in the forex market, but also futures, commodities and stocks provide high return investment opportunities. Of course these are still high risk investments but the chance of fraud is close to none.

With a managed account the opening person is the only one who can transfer money and the money can only be wired to the same bank account it was initially wired from. Managed accounts start from as low as five thousand dollars up to over one hundred thousand dollars minimum investment capital.

If one, for whatever reason, still wants to invest in HYIPs, proper due diligence is a must. Mostly it is best to do research in popular HYIP forums, what other investors think of a program but you can also do some research using tools like whois, neotrace or the wayback machine to analyze a program. Of course this is no guarantee that the chose program is reliable but it sorts out many other obvious scams.

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