Friday, August 04, 2006

Do not trust everything one HYIP/Autosurf Forum says

by Adrian Alexa

I want to say some words about money making forums. There are so many out there that you must realize that not all of them are 100% accurate. To fully understand the concept we can divide HYIP/Autosurf/Online Money Making Forums in 2: Regular Forums and Forums maintained by one investment program. Because of the fact that these forums can offer important information about such sites many members constantly join them and can be mislead. Let us take both types and analyze them a little.

Forums maintained by one investment program

Many hyips and autosurfs out there (better said the vast majority of them) will run a forum for its members. Such a forum is opened in order to discuss problems and offer support for its members. Although it can solve a lot of problems, mainly script errors and situations in which payment was not received, it can also cause some misleading. The biggest problem in this case is forum ownership. The owner is also the admin/webmaster/individual running the investment program. You can imagine the fact that he is also the main moderator and if he/she has bad ideas in mind (IE. to scam members) you will never see one thread that will speak badly of that site. Such forums need to be avoided when deciding about investment!

Regular Forums

Such forums are led by an outside source. The admin and moderators are usually not leading investments in any official HYIP/AUTOSURF. This basically means that they do not own such sites. They are just regular investors like any of us! These are the forums you really need to check out before investing. Unfortunately these are also not safe. They can quickly become one sided as well. What you need to be on the look-out for is a forum that allows members to express their experience with a given investment site without censhorship! Any forum that will delete one of your negative posts does not deserve you as a member so why care? Go to one that really counts and is 100% objective!

To sum up we recommend some forums you should check out if you are serious about using forums to find out more about investment sites:


MoneyMakerGroup (known as MMG) - My personal favorite


Adrian Alexa is currently the web master of and an active blogger on several autosurf-hyip related web sites!


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